2:10 PM on a Saturday

My hand really hurts from all the CPR training, but it was worth it.
I’m just happy I got it over with for now.

In other news, I REALLY need to study for my final on Monday.
At the same time, I really want to get some sleep. I haven’t been getting enough of anything lately, so I’ve been feeling pretty sick. I just can’t wait to FINALLY have everything finished! I’m definitely looking forward to finishing school the most.

Ugh, I’m feeling all fussy about my cosplays now too (I think that’s just my empty stomach talking). I’m not really as angry with my work as I am disappointed because I want to do better, but I’m really overall just still less than an amateur (I don’t even believe I deserve the attention I have now really). I’ll get over it, but I suppose I’m just kicking myself for some of the choices I’ve made concerning my WIP cosplays lately (wigs, sewing method, etc).

Meh, I’m just in a sour mood about school.
Give me until Monday and I bet you my mood will be so much better.
I hate stuuuuuuudying. Especially when all my work is done except for the exam.

I just need to look over my text book though.
At the same time, all I want to do is hibernate and watch ponies.
Goodnight, world~